Sunday, 25 January 2009

The tale of two squats

'Fluffy squatter'

These squatters will more often than not replace the Sitex sheet with a front door on their new premises (or just add a new lock to the existing door, if one is still there). They're looking at their squat as becoming a home of sorts and will do it up. A Section 6 will always be on display on the door (as not evidenced here).

'Junkie squatter'

Simply put, they only require a place to shoot up and don't care for anything else about the flat they have broken into.

I am contrasting the two, only because their respective front doors are interesting to note and are quite revealing. The two squats featured here are actually next door neighbours and yet they are miles away from each other. Of course, there are many more other types of squatters.

The point is, we cannot all be lumped into the same box, aka squatter=junkie.