Friday, 12 December 2008

Bricks and stones

We've seen the insides of our council block, now time for the externals.

The following photos were taken during more sunny times at the estate, both weatherwise (it's grim grey now) and neighbourwise. Where you may see open windows in these pictures, we now see Sitex coverings.

Boarded-up flats. Flat no.8, in the second photo, was the Ukrainian squat that was recently seized by the Sitex men during our "front door" spate.

Ground floor row of flats, all totalled.

Flats in the opposite block, few of which have been sealed up. A lot of residents still live here.

Back to our block, this time facing the main road. The Sitex people had previously boarded up front windows as well, a tactic they don't seem to use now.

No sunbathing on these balconies then.

This is us -- the top floor in this picture.