Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Our squat of bother

We're going to chance it and abandon the squat just for December.

Most of the drama of recent weeks seems to have subsided, we can even safely say vanished. No more Sitex men about in the day, but then no more residents to relocate (there are five flat owners who'll need to be compensated before they can move (and they'll need new houses to move to)).

It's been fairly quiet and we've even given up on staying in, confident that the quiet will remain and our home secure. USgal will nipping off to Copenhagen, myself to Amsterdam and Rhoderocker to somewhere within London. As long as we park our most valuable belongings elsewhere for the festive duration, and let our two squatter neighbours know of our temporary departure, we think we may be back here in January.

No sign of council diggers converting the parking lot into a building site and our homes into dust, as the recent rumours of demolition have intimated.

Merry holidays!