Friday, 27 February 2009

165 days

The news stories, this evening:

Get Fluffy

The new junkie nest that we reported in January and the flat we overheard being smashed up in November are now newly populated "fluffy" squats, as of this week. With empty flat space at a premium now on the estate, the council block we live on remains the most sought-after premises for new squats (last week we had 16 empties). The arrival of three new squats brings the total squatter population here to 12.

With six squats now on site, suggestions have been made for widening contact and interaction between them as well as reaching out to the squats on other council blocks. More news at it happens.

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Snoopy, (but no Charlie) Brown

In recent weeks, the junkie nest on the first floor of our block has become the centre of serious heroin-loving in the area. Established in November 2008, the empty flat has come to serve many community purposes: a shooting up gallery for junkies, a blight on the environment, and a public nuisance for everyone who lives in the council block.

We have nightly earwitness reports of high customer volume at between 2 to 3 in the morning on most nights of the week, and eyewitness accounts this week of vein usage hitting an all-time low; the term 'going for the jugular' has taken on a whole new dimension in recent days.

On a slightly different note, word has it tonight that a whole other set of junkies have been snooping around the council block, casing flats that can be broken into for valuables to feed their habit. Kitchen Sink Neighbour has spotted this group taking a particular interest in our squat only this Thursday evening.

As a result, every flat here is now on high alert. Security advice has included checking to make sure coal chutes are sealed and ensuring squats are suitably manned in the evenings.

Otherwise it is bedtime with crowbars and chisels for all.

For up-to-the-minute live reports on junkies, Squat Potato recommends you visit the council block on Friday nights, where you can watch live action unfolding between plain clothes police and heroin lovers on the gangways and stairwells.

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