Saturday, 28 February 2009


Just How Honest Are You?

Are you happy to admit you're a squatter or do you prefer to lie? That's the question on the lips of squatters tonight, just how honest are you about your activities?

Studies show (admittedly, we've only polled one squatter so far in this study) that caution is the watchword when it comes to sharing your home-loving news. Being a proud squatter is one thing; being introduced to an entire tableful of co-workers in a pub as "our resident squatter" is another.

Atom Tom had this to say, "it was fun to begin with, to 'come out' as a squatter, but it gets tiring after a while. I hated being introduced as the resident squatter. I had no chance to get to know these new people; they just kept asking me squatting questions all night like I was the squat icon or something. They just weren't interested in anything else. Hey, I'm a human being first, alright? I was bored to death of being a squatter that night."

We'd like to hear your views. Email tonight and let us know what you'd do... are you happy to admit you're a squatter or do you prefer to lie?

This is Squat Potato, bringing you the X without the e.

No Shithole

Squatting skeptics may like to know that our squat, flat 22, has been doing fine in the months since the attempted police raid in November 2008. We have a fully functioning kitchen and full electricity use throughout the flat, and are slowly converting it into a meditative space to come home to from the city bustle.

The flat has withstood biblical rainfall, abnormal urban snowstorms and vicious winter winds without one leak or wobble and we look forward to entering the Spring with faultless ease. We have also withstood house"mates" who have misinterpreted "squat" to mean "shithole" and the flat has successfully resisted all attempts to be converted into one.

The remaining household has also endured countless false alarms (ie. letters from the council which thankfully aren't eviction papers, continued interest in our Sitex front door) with calmness beyond measure. Squat Potato salutes the men and women involved for their courage.

Flat 22 welcomes the prospect of starting a vegetable garden on our balcony in the weeks to come as well as replacing all of the broken window panes with Perspex.

To those doomsayers and in-a-box thinkers -- your criticism, non-support and belief that we live in a shithole, we dutifully remain.

This has been Squat Potato, the home of jackets, chops and bakes just the way you like it. It is a cool ten degrees Celsius outside tonight. Drive safely.