Monday, 22 June 2009

Jacket Potato

News of unusual squats...

Have you ever squatted an airport? That's what squatters have been doing since June 20th at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. A vacant airport since October 31 2008, the 400 hectares of land (equiv. to 525 football fields) is in the midst of redevelopment limbo, thanks to huge local opposition to plans for luxury apartments. Check out Demotix's site for more details.

In light of the recent "MP expenses" outrage here in the UK, a group of squatters have taken over the empty West London property of a pair of MPs, dubbed Mr and Mrs Expenses, in protest at their expense claims. Read here and glee.

Squatters winning eviction battles? So goes the case for the Oubliette Collective who, since May 2009, have been squatting a former school and hostel in south London that have stood empty since August 2007. Read here and glee again.

A unisex squat sauna which is open to all? With a steam room, vegetarian food also on offer and a chillout garden? Yes, really.

Is this story helping the public image of squatting? Back in 2006, Polish decorators hired to do up a flat owned by a banker reportedly downed tools upon arrival, moved in to the flat whilst she was away, and then claimed squatters rights! Read here and ponder.

And ponder this while you're at it!