Sunday, 28 June 2009


Voxsquatpop asks ordinary people - what they think of squatting, who they think squats, would they squat, if the financial crisis will encourage more squatting, and if squatting needs a better word to describe it. Please note: in the USA, it is illegal to squat.

Freelance writer, from San Francisco, CA, USA

I'm not very knowledgeable on it, but it strikes me as a creative way for people to find suitable living situations. I don't necessarily support the illegal side of it, but then again, if there is unused space that could go to better use, why not take advantage of it and make it worthwhile for someone or a group of someones?

I guess I always thought it was renegade wandering folks, ex-hippies, anti-establishment types, or more likely, the homeless looking for a free roof over their heads. I've now been in contact with someone more like me whom I've learned is squatting, and I'm curious and intrigued by this more spartan, rogue lifestyle.

Doubtful. I don't think I have it in me to, 1) break the law, and, 2) deal without a few creature comforts. Don't get me wrong: I live a very minimalist lifestyle, and am hardly the hair-and-makeup kind of gal. But I really value running water, modern plumbing, and I love to cook, so not having a decent kitchen with the bare necessities would be really tough on me.

I could see it happening, although here in the States, and especially in San Francisco where I live, people seem to take to the streets and live outdoors, as we have very agreeable weather. But I could also just be unaware of a squatting scene here in the city.

Definitely. To me, the word isn't very appealing. It literally makes me think of stooping down and engaging the ol' thigh muscles to take a dump, like I did for many months in those pit toilets throughout Asia and Africa.