Friday, 3 July 2009

Hickory dickory squat

You are asked of everything when it comes to squatting and nothing less. The fainthearted just won't do and the privileged won't have a clue. How else can you handle police and dog patrols on your doorstep, junkies injecting openly into their testicles in your stairwell, days and nights without electricity, the 24/7 DIY?

But today I am leaving the squat, on principle. That principle being, that your contribution to the squat does entitle a housemate the right to have an equal voice in household decision-making.

Significantly contributing since October 2008 is one thing. But then to be told, six months later, that none of it means you have any voice in the squat -- seriously, how can you stay after being told that? How can you stand silently by and watch cronyism and hierarchy take over all the decision-making for your home? There are far better things to do than be screwed over in a place that was once your labour of love.

I am therefore leaving a squat that I no longer believe in.

But shed no tears, for this amazing education that is squatting is far from over. As Tom Stoppard puts it, exit one door and another one opens straight away. In fact, I feel even more passionate about squatting than ever and will definitely keep tabs on the squat, esp. in light of July 27th. There's no keeping me away from the place (except ethically).