Sunday, 12 July 2009

Living projects?

Living projects? Slack space? Are these better words than "squatting" or worse?

Leave it to the middle-class broadsheets, though, to celebrate (albeit, once again, art) squats, this time with the Observer reporting on Berlin squats -- in their travel section! As the author of the article writes,
"One of the quirks I've noticed since moving to Berlin is the squats dotted about the city. In London, where I'm from, you don't see squats much. You might read about them in the paper - a bunch of rich kids who've squatted on Billionaires' Row, or an old man who has squatted for 50 years undetected - but that's about it."
One interesting point she picks up on is "VoK├╝", short for Volksk├╝che, meaning "people's kitchen", which is when squats open their doors to the community and offer food at affordable prices. How this affects her views towards squatting can be read here.

Beware: yo-pro tone throughout.