Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Chopped Potato : Spring eternal

Or, "Rumble in the bronx."

Back in January, I noted in my Londonist interview that rumours of demolition work on the estate were due to begin in the Spring.

Well, it appears that Spring has now finally arrived.

The following photos show the beginnings of the estate's transformation into a building site, with six council blocks in total due to go under.

First up, equipment installed just today to test the water quality of the ground opposite Caspian House.

The almost redundant flats of Darien House, the next block from Caspian.

The demolition warnings and fences sealing off the grounds to Aden House and Taranto House are a sure sign of activity.

More evidence of the council's intentions for Aden House.

Aden House (where most of the squatter meetings had been held) now forbidden territory, unless you happen to wear a hardhat.

Flores House (three blocks away from our flats) and the dumping ground for worksite equipment (note the stack of fences lain on the grass). Also in this photo, one of the dog patrol vans.

Close up of Flores House, with a few squats still standing.

The mobile office suggests the workmen are in it for the long haul. The demolition of everything is expected to be completed by March 2010.

NB Security doesn't like you taking photos of all this, by the way, and will hightail it after you as you do so (yes, I was hightailed).