Monday, 27 July 2009

Chopped Potato : Court up

July 27th today, the day that the "notice to quit" quits.

What now? According to a council official, who was on site this morning to inspect Darien House (the next block over from ours), eviction papers are due next, with squatters expected to attend court in six weeks' time.

And not just any old court either -- the High Court. As the highest level of court, the choice automatically prevents appeals and protests should the squatters lose in court. It also means that High Court bailiffs will be on their way soon after and they're the type of bailiff who don't mess about. So expect the first week of September to be the end of the estate as we have known it.

And don't expect the council to help rehouse or relocate the squatters they will evict. They won't. Kicked out onto the street the squatters will go.

Other news: estate security was spotted knocking on the doors of squats this morning, to see if any of them were occupied; with the Sitex people in close proximity as these house calls were being made. Their hope: to shut down squats whilst their occupants were out in support of 94 squats in Poplar that were due in court today. Sneaky tactic, but with no success, thanks to the squats here being adequately covered.

Only two empty flats (never used as squats in the first place) were Sitex'd up.