Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Jacket Potato

The latest set of useful reading.

Want to highlight the fallout of the financial crisis and its effect on society? Where better than to open up a squat in an empty £3 million property just to hold a weekend conference about it -- can't get more emphasised than that. Conference report here. Usual media outcry.

Want proof of the illegal steps that property owners take to oust squatters (than go through the civil courts)? Check out the latest intrusion at rampART.

The New York Times drops a report about the recent Temporary School of Thought housing in Mayfair.

And a tribute to Alan Walter, a leading figure of the Defend Council Housing Campaign who was also involved in the infamous Tolmer Square squat in London in the '70s. Geeks amongst you may be interested in the minutes of a meeting from 1974 that documents the squatting activity in the city that year.