Sunday, 22 March 2009

Not feeling stairwell

The junkie nest may have been boarded up, but the stairwells in our council block are still attracting strangers to loiter.

In tonight's case, from what USgal and me can hear from INSIDE our living room (yes, the voices are that loud!), there is a drunk, rowdy older woman on our stairwell landing crowing away with a group of hooting blokes. It is just after 10.45pm now, and here are these loud strangers in their babble bubble.

Seriously, do these idiots not care that there are people living in this block? That people might be asleep? Do they believe this council block is completely empty?? Does consideration for others/love thy neighbour not mean anything anymore??

Our hearts go out to the residents, all of whom have small kids. USgal is itching to kill these arseholes.

So, why aren't we out there asking them to leave? We're not sure if they're junkies. We fear what they will do if we ask them to go.

And thanks also to our new squat neighbours and their twilight DIY, we’re starting to miss the quiet empty block of last year already.

UPDATE around 1am: It turned out that these people were partying squatters. The rowdy woman had purple hair.