Sunday, 29 March 2009


Voxsquatpop asks ordinary people - what they think of squatting, who they think squats, would they squat, if the financial crisis will encourage more squatting, and if squatting needs a better word to describe it.

Events producer, based in north London

I can see why people want to make use of unused spaces. I like the 'making use'/utility aspect of it and I'm generally in favour of anything which has a 'can do' attitude and DIY approach.

Squatting, like everything, takes all kinds of people. So many friends and acquaintances of mine have squatted that they're impossible to categorise.

Well I wish I could squat, I do. It isn't something I think about, mainly as my present situation is bound up in organisations, bills, financial and work commitments and a living arrangement I've set up to support this. But my life circumstances might change.

Yes, for a start it will become an option for many more, and it may be more desirable as it becomes more visible. And this in turn may mean it becomes easier to understand for those who don't have a clue, or have never thought about it. Do financial crises encourage people to feel more communal and fashion alternative and DIY ways for living?

I wouldn't think one word would do it. Maybe we need an approach to widen participation ie. more profiles and examples of squatting, more information and visuals/photos of where it occurs, examples of benefits. There's still a mystery about it. Blogs and any networking or web activity will help I'm sure. How did that Channel 4 show 'Dumped' set on a waste dump do media-wise? Maybe a 'Squat Idol' is in the offing?