Thursday, 20 November 2008

Affront door, part 4, and sure enough

With roughly three hours' sleep shared between us, and the new front door about to demonstrate its kicking-in-resistant prowess, USgal and me wait patiently inside the hallway for the 9am removal of our Sitex door. Not a word spoken between us, as if one utter will scare a bird into flight, shock the tense quiet into exploding.

And sure enough the police and Sitex officials

do not come.

Not at 9am, as the police guy had insisted.

Nor at 10am.

Nor three hours after that, as per the usual time we expect a Sitex unit to come on site post-flat smashing (yes, another flat emptied today, another family relocated).

All the while we wait, rotating shifts with Rhoderocker, USgal giving up a lecture to be here, my own state of mind giving up being a mind. And we continue in this warped, dazed and concentrated way all the way up until 5pm where the authorities

do not come.