Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Is it Christmas..?

Look at what we have here!

Is it Christmas?

Look at all those doors! All that wood!

We could make bookshelves and tables out of this!

Or barricades!

Uh, who's that man? What's going on here?


Furniture removal van. That can only mean...

Another family has been rehoused. Another flat is about to die. Can you hear the china and glass smashing as though some drunken mob is trashing the place? The mob that is the flat smashing crew whose wages are your taxes!

And soon the entire floor of these flats will go the way of the floor below us :

You have to hand it to the local authorities and their flat smashing entourage.. they move swiftly and work efficiently.

Soon our floor will more or less be the only floor inhabited in this entire block... but for how much longer?