Friday, 7 November 2008

Chopped Potato : Home to nowhere

Following on from Ghost town on your doorstep, the photos here are a sample of some of the workmanship of the flat smashers and their legacy on this estate.

As you can see, most of the flats here are in good condition. It is still amazing that this is happening at all, that there are perfectly fine flats here whilst outside, homeless people are struggling in the cold.


Imagining what bathtime may have been like takes some doing.

Is this the Blair Witch Project? Together with zombie-like junkies on the estate last week, and we have our own horror movie set right here.

Door removal.

Anti-climb paint here is used to deter squatters, for its sticky texture is difficult to remove from clothing and also easy to slip on if coated on floors.

Bathtime? Not.

A smashed toilet picture. Here, they have beheaded the bowl from the base.

What sounds of laughter and children once filled this hallway?

One of few flats on the estate with thick steel slabs encasing it.

Window panes from the outer windows removed in this one.

More horror movie set.

Is this the oldest (and most worn) steel door on the entire estate?