Monday, 10 November 2008

Law de toilette

On our way to dinner tonight, USgal spots this piece of objet d'art lurking next door to a Buddhist centre.

We've found a toilet!

Do you think this will conceal it in the meantime?

Later joined by SoundsNorwegian, we return for the toilet.

Now, if only we could find ourselves some wheels...


NB. It seems modern supermarkets have added a wheel-jamming mechanism to their trolleys to prevent their theft. We are probably getting some weird looks from people, who may be wondering why it is taking three people to use a trolley.

Here's an aerial view of the toilet.

All aboard!

More wheel-jamming as we head homewards, but the chance to shit in our own home propels us on.

Back home and...

The nozzle fits!

Eventually, the toilet and waste water pipe will be joined like this :

We will then attach them to the cistern, and hopefully a working toilet will spring forth.

The toilet baton is passed.