Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Cat on a squat tin roof

Our new squatter neighbours two doors away discovered the other day that they have access to the roof! And would I like to join them in taking a look? Of course the answer is not no, and with our council block due for demolition at some point in the future, there is a feeling that its secret history must be revealed before then.

A plan is hatched.

Here is the view of their flat from above.

Not a built-in rug... instead, it is asbestos roof insulation. Shame we have neglected to insulate our throats and nostrils from inhaling its dust.

The roof construction looks almost chapel-like; there is scope here in the roof for more people to occupy, once the asbestos has been dealt with.

If you squint hard enough, you may be able to reimagine this window as our own patio door.

What a pleasant view. Such fresh air.

This is a warning notice for any council electricians who find themselves in the loft, as it also happens to house the electricity generators for our entire block.

Oh what's this? We can actually see into the Blair Witch flat. The white shapes are actually the outlines of bottles that once sat on a shelf, the dark grey around them are the result of a fire in the flat.

One of the neighbours jumps down in to the flat, for a look around. Here are some of his pictures -

Living room and suitably ghost-like balcony door.

An unfortunate casualty, no doubt the result of being unable to escape.

Otherwise, despite the fire damage, anti-climb paint destruction, the callous handiwork of the councilmen and solemn atmosphere, the Blair Witch flat is like every other boarded-up apartment on the estate -- in good solid nick and able to house people. The windows are intact and it isn't too cold in here. Not impossible.