Thursday, 6 November 2008

Jacket Potato

More squatting community resources...

Established in 2004, rampART (named after Rampart Street) is one of the well-known of London's social centres. A hotspot for meetings, rehearsals, film screenings, workshops and benefit gigs, rampART is also used by a number of groups such as Food Not Bombs. Threatened with eviction this October, rampART has survived and lives on. Show your support whilst you can.

LARC (or the London Action Resource Centre), on the other hand, is a collectively run building that provides space and resources for people and groups working on self-organised non-hierarchical projects for radical social change. Phew. Resources include a prop-making space, a roof garden and a library.

If you want a literature lowdown of anarchy, visit the Freedom Press Bookshop, Britain's largest anarchist bookshop. Stock includes thousands of books, newspapers and pamphlets on a range of topics, ie. history to sex, philosophy to workers' struggles, fiction to anti-fascism, and t-shirts and CDs. Worth a browse.