Thursday, 30 October 2008

Chopped Potato : Oh, part 2

"They're just trying to scare you... just go on with what you're doing", according to one of our houseowner neighbours about the recent eviction news.

According to Kitchen Sink Neighbour, the house that sits in between her place and ours belongs to a private houseowner, who is letting the place out to language students.

The eviction news is aimed at the renting households in our block. Private owners need to be bought out by the local authority before they can move, and Language Student Landlord has yet to receive any papers, any compensation notifying him of such. It turns out that there are three other families in our block in the same predicament.

By the middle of November, all the renting families will have been shipped out. What happens after that, apart from leaving behind a virtually empty council block, remains to be seen. For the moment, then, our squat can relax.

Over a late night supper though, it becomes apparent to USgal and I that this is what squatting is all about. The anticipation, the unease, the uncertainty. The trade-off with not paying rent is keeping your eyes open and being prepared for anything. The only thing for certain is that living this way will not be restful. You only need to step through the front door to be reminded of the uncertainties of our home and how we must to adapt to its needs. We really will be living for the moment.

An intriguing prospect all round.