Friday, 24 October 2008

Light saber

Seriously, a lookalike for Obi Wan Kenobi, as played by Ewan Mcgregor, comes over to sort out our electrics.

Or, to be put it another way, an electrician Obi Wan stunt double who could very well have fought Darth Maul, instead fights through our tangle of electrical wires whilst balancing himself carefully on the edge of a broken metal chair, with all the silent concentration that would probably be the envy of most Jedi.

First up, we get wired into the fuseboard.

An extension cord is then attached to act as an interim power socket.

New switches are added to the ripped-up kitchen sockets.

Thanks to the company head being connected to the outside supply, the electricity box is now live. With a desk lamp from next door wired up to a kitchen socket, we huddle about it, waiting for a moment of revelation. Obi Wan stands eagerly at the box, ready to flip on the power.

Will the wall sockets explode? Will the lamp explode? Will nothing happen?

We are standing within an inch of power restoration, but is this still too much distance to run?


For this happens :

Ladies and gentlemen,

We have electricity. It is momentous.