Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Squatshots, 4 : Open sesame

After squeezing themselves (unbelievably) through the tiny coal chute of our flat, on the night of September 27th, the opening-squat invaders found themselves in a premises that was almost intact. A nice find, they all agreed, and as we have discovered in the weeks since.

Here are some photos from the morning after the break-in (with many thanks to USgal's squat-opening ally for providing) :

This was the way in!

If only the electric stove could speak, what stories would it tell us?

Ever get the feeling you're being grilled?

It's like Easter Island in here.

Getting in sink with the old people's home vibe coming from this photo (yes, the councilmen who ripped up the squat were kind enough to leave behind flowers).

Pipe down, will you!

The post-break-in night watch.

Keeping an eye on the premises in case of police or local authorities.