Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Squat's in a name, part 1

We were discussing the other night whether to refer to our squat by another name, instead of "Are you going back to the squat?"

It's the word "squat", mainly. It's not as if we're hovering our butts over a patch of grass for some satisfying but unpleasant internal bodily release, or about to pounce on someone in a rugby tackle. It's almost a disempowering word for the cause that it is, as though the people who do it are not far removed from dirty animals.

Are we "snob squatters" by thinking like this, as though we're too good for squatting and yet here we are, squatting? As though we're trying to dress it up, a way of disassociating ourselves from the task to hand? We're not sure. It would be nice for the squat to feel like home, having said all that.

Possible names so far:

The liberation house
The liberated house

A small list, for now. Let the brainwaves roll. Any suggestions?