Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Heft metal

SoundsNorwegian decides that we need to angle grind off the Sitex that is attached to her window. She wants natural light to come through and properly too, rather than through the poke holes of the metal sheet. The chance to close the open window is a bonus, given the increasingly chilly nights of late.

The task of removal generates a few concerns... by having the Sitex up, ugly as it looks, it may also be shielding us from onlookers. The Legal Warning on the door keeps potential squatters away, and having the Sitex deflects residents or at least the assumption that we're a bunch of junkies. Taking the Sitex down may also endanger the security of the flat, create an opening to intrusion.

SoundsNorwegian decides to go for it, despite all this. We can create the illusion of the Sitex being up afterwards, by reattaching it in some way.

Here are a few photos of the angle grinder going at it :

Sparks flying, as seen from the outside.

And post-angle grinding!

The light really does make a lot of difference to the room, as any light would. A few panes of glass will need fixing.