Sunday, 12 October 2008

It will just take five minutes

This is the current state of our electricity box :

As you can see from this suitably blurred picture, the fuseboard (which sits above the meter) is missing.

With the wires above it snipped to prevent their connection to the fuseboard, it will be our job to reattach them. To do so, we will need to saw through the metal casing of each pipe in order to pull the wires out.

Here are those electrical pipes close up:

According to a swaying electrician at 11pm tonight, it will take us "just five minutes" to cut through ALL the pipes (there are seven in total, of various widths). We then pull out the wires, hook them up, and we'll have electricity in no time.

In just five minutes.

This from a man who is swaying away, perhaps from being a bit inebriated, as he assesses our dilemma with a torch. I'm not convinced about the assessment he's giving, but then I'm not an electrician. Feeling left in the dark has never felt more appropriate.

Oh, and then Swaying Electrician leaves, and takes all the tools we'd need for the job with him!