Thursday, 30 October 2008

What comes down must go up!

How do you put the Sitex back on, and quickly, when there is a police van downstairs from us, that is perhaps investigating a flat that junkies have broken into overnight?

Kitchen Sink Neighbour urgently instructs us to do so, because part of the window in SoundsNorwegian's room has a hole in it -- any sign of criminal damage to our property will be an invitation for the police.

After a series of long and short nails failing to go through the window panes outside (that look as though they're made of wood, but it turns out they're a combination of metal and grout), a new idea! =>

(For the concentrating eyes amongst you, you may be able to pick out the string that is holding the Sitex to the window)

Two bolts and two lengths of string.